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Basically, eeeeeverything you'll ever want to know...

Name: Jason
Occupation: Artist/Grocery Clerk
Age: 19
Status: Single

Favorite Things---------------------------------------------
Videogame: WWF No Mercy
System: Dreamcast
Movie: Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Snatch
Car: Porche
Soda: Wild Cherry Pepsi
Wrestling Federation: WWF (now that ECW is dead)
Wrestler: Jericho, RVD, the Hardy Boyz
Food: Pizza, Lasagna
Fast Food Place: Taco Bell
Restaraunt: Olive Garden
CD: Best of Old School Rap Volume 1
Musical Artist: E-40
Store: Babbages
Website: Mine
Brand Name: Nike
Football Team: Steelers
XFL Team: Hitmen
Baseball Team: Pirates
Basketball Team: Sixers
Sports Player: Rod Woodson, Allen Iverson

That about covers the favorites...
More to add later.


The Hardyz RULE